Правило: фразові дієслова.

Заповніть пропуски у фразовых дієсловах в Реченнях необхідними приводами.
Наприклад: We need to get ___ this train. – We need to get off this train.

1. He imitated the boss' voice and took us completely.

2. I told the salesman to put the suit for me until the next week.

3. I phoned John to find when he was coming.

4. Do you mind if I switch the telly? I'd like to watch the news.

5. I had just fallen asleep when the alarm went .

6. I tried to get my point , but nobody seemed to care.

7. My sister helped me get the exam.

8. His new novel will come soon.

9. If you want to go anywhere tonight - count me . I'm grounded.

10. Slow , we don't have to run that fast!