Правило: артикль.
Рівень складності тесту: початковий (Elementary).

У кожному питанні виберіть правильний варіант відповіді.

Do you like ___ my wedding dress?

I am ___ teacher. My husband is an accountant.

I want to have ___ apple for lunch.

I have to go to the grocery store. Can I use ___ your car, Mom?

Tim is such ___ idiot. He is stupid and rude.

I have to buy ___ new lamp for the bedroom. I will go to the store on Saturday to find one that matches the other colors in the room.

What does he do for ___ living?

Where is ___ pretty, pink sweater I bought last week?

Canada is one of ___ biggest countries in the world.

I went to ___ Switzerland last month.