Правило: модальні дієслова.
Рівень складності тесту: середній (Intermediate).

У кожному питанні виберіть правильний варіант відповіді.

You ___ have been really angry when your boss tried to embarrass you in front of your co-workers.

You ___ worry all the time. Don't be so negative. You should be more optimistic about life.

Teresa ___ believe her eyes. She saw a man beating his wife on the street!

This isn't a difficult task, so you ___ be able to complete it by Friday.

I may ___ go to Paris next week because there is a very big exhibition there.

If you choose a bold color for your walls, you ___ choose some soft, neutral accent pieces in order to create a balanced feeling in the room.

We've worked long and hard today. ___ we call it a day?

I ___ go now because I am already late for my class.

I ___ help you with your shopping because you have a lot of bags.

I ___ understand him because I don't speak French. So, we used body language to communicate with each other.