Рівень складності тесту: середній (Intermediate).

У кожному питанні виберіть правильний варіант відповіді.

You can come with me ___ you promise to behave yourself while I shop.

Both Sandra ___ Debbie are sorry for what they did to you. Can you forgive them?

I'm learning French ___ it's really difficult.

The band plays on Fridays ___ Saturdays.

I like San Francisco ___ Santa Rosa.

Neither one of the boys admitted to breaking the window. I didn't see who did it because I was watching TV ___ I heard the glass break.

Mills' drug store is open late, ___ I went to that one last night.

I hate shopping, ___ I told my wife to go to the store alone.

I can help you move into your new apartment ___ I don't have a job right now.

It's snowing a lot, ___ the roads aren't icy yet.