Рівень складності тесту: вищий (Advanced).

У кожному питанні виберіть правильний варіант відповіді.

What I would like you to do is to pay me ___ my money and take 'Supercut' away.

Dear Sir, having read your advertisement, I should like to ___ this letter as my application for the post of marketing manager.

Finally I want someone to come and cut my grass at your ___.
Yours faithfully, Herb Grass.

As you will see from my ___ C.V., I am currently working as a waiter.

In fact you could not possibly say that the job of best man is at all ___.

She puts it another way and says she will be able to make an ___ man of me.

And now I come to a very important ___ I want to ask of you.

As I see it, a restaurant is a market and it is the job of a waiter to ___ the clients into choosing products from the menu.

___ the grass was flat but it was still as long as when I had started.

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to describe the ___ I've been having with one of your products.