Із запропонованих варіантів в кожному питанні виберіть той, який ближче всього за змістом підходить до виділеного жирним шрифтом ділянці дечення.


No, not really except she did get angry sometimes but her bark was worse than her bite.

I can't understand why he doesn't take the hint.

Since she won the lottery last week she's been feeling on top of the world.

Tom told Andrea that giant turtles had escaped from the city zoo and were eating only left-handed people. It wasn't until she saw the smirk on his face that Andrea noticed he was just pulling her leg.

When the business folded, he took the lion's share of the assets.

Considering they are over 70 years old, you must admit they are in good shape.

You shouldn't worry about the exam because you have prepared well and you'll probably find it a piece of cake.

Learning a foreign language goes hand in hand with International Business.

He is like a fish out of water whenever he goes to a party.

So, George... Have you made up your mind where you want to go for your internship?