Із запропонованих варіантів в кожному питанні виберіть той, який ближче всього за змістом підходить до виділеного жирним шрифтом ділянці дечення.


I take my hat off to all those people who worked hard to get the contract.

The audience held their breath as the magician started to saw a woman half.

No matter how smoothly things are running, you can always rely on Charlie to rock the boat.

I prefer to talk to people face to face rather than to talk on the phone.

As she is new to the job I would ask you to keep an eye on her for the time being.

So, George... Have you made up your mind where you want to go for your internship?

They're very generous in that museum — not only is the entrance fee reasonable but they give you a brochure for free.

What I really have in mind is a garden where there is very little to look after throughout the year.

When he confided in me, I promised Charlie that I wouldn't tell anybody about it and until now I have kept my word.

The beginning of a new generation of computer software is at hand.