Із запропонованих варіантів в кожному питанні виберіть той, який ближче всього за змістом підходить до виділеного жирним шрифтом ділянці речення.

Let's stop work and relax this weekend.

I wish he wasn't such a stupid person.

He lost control of himself suddenly when he heard the news.

I need to go to the toilet. Can you show me where it is?

Tom has lost a lot of weight so something must be worrying him.

Watching T.V. all day is turning you into a lazy, good-for-nothing.

I can't believe he put salt in the sugar basin. He's such a stupid person.

The boys abandoned the stolen motorbike in the park.

I hope dieting will get rid of these lumps of fat around my waist.

He has two young children running around his house.