Правило: правильні та неправильні дієслова.
Рівень складності тесту: середній (Intermediate).

У кожному питанні виберіть правильний варіант відповіді.

Kathy ___ how to change the oil in her car last weekend.

Please don't ___ that booklet I gave you, because I want to keep it for future reference.

I ___ into an old friend yesterday. I haven't seen her since middle school.

Do you ___ a lot of work to do tonight? I was hoping we could go out to dinner at about 6 pm.

Carrie has to ___ with a lot of issues at work because her boss is often ruthless.

Sarah ___ Spanish really well. She lived in Mexico for 5 years.

The two ropes were ___ together, so it was difficult to get them apart.

Samantha ___ her promise, so her sister doesn't trust her as much anymore.

I ___ studying when my rude neighbors interrupted me with their loud music.

David ___ increasingly upset because he couldn't get his point across.