особисті займенники
присвійні займенники.

Заповніть пропуски в реченнях займенниками в потрібній формі (в особистому або в присвійної формі).
Наприклад: He has a very nice car. Did you see ___ car? – Did you see his car?

1. we've got two children, a son and a daughter, names are Nick and Judy.

2. My business partners are still in town. We can visit at hotel.

3. They have a house in the country. house is very large and beautiful.

4. They say they saw you yesterday. Did you see ?

5. I must tell you something. Listen to , please.

6. She bought a new car. This is new car.

7. We have a new teacher. new teacher is a very nice person.

8.  classmates often come to my house.

9. This house is too expensive for . We can't pay such a high rent.

10. Each plan has advantages.